Guildwood Kids Rehab


My thesis was based on sensory exploration for disabled children. Guildwood Kids Rehab provides children with disabilities the opportunity to explore their creative skills through creative play therapy, sound therapy and more traditional therapies such as hydro therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Multi-sensory environments were designed to create atmospheres of trust and relaxation through sensory experiences. Programming included healthcare, research and education.

Healthcare: This therapy has proven effects and is shown to benefit those with developmental disabilities, dementia, and brain injury. It is often used in connection with other types of therapies and/or rehabilitation that is offered to in-patients (live-in minimum 6 months), recovery patients (from accidents, etc.) and out-patients who visit occasionally.

Research: This included a more scientific exploration and investigation for professionals, students, etc. This therapy needs more research to develop rooms, programs, experiments and to study the effects they have on patients.

Education: This is a vital part of any child’s development. This function would mainly be for in-patients needing schooling and/or children requiring daycare.


The site I selected was Guildwood Park located in Scarborough just south of Markham Road and Kingston Road. I chose this site because of its landscape and art history. The original owners of the site were avid art collectors who collected the facades of old buildings. The pieces were brought to the site, restored and then placed around the property.

I adopted the ideas of landscape and art as my design concepts. Similiar to how the art pieces are randomly placed, so are main programs of this building. The spaces in between become transitory spaces that are linked with glass and interior landscape.



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